Cryptoasset Wallet Changes
Version Changes
  • Fix issue related to exporting assets with configuration
  • Adds exporting of wallet/account/asset configurations
  • Updates permissions check payload for new auth model requirements
  • Corrects delegated permission request payload to request for all asset types not just CENNZ
  • Fixes inconsistent transfer.params between submitted and hitorical Pl^g transfers
  • Fixes Etherscan API configuration
  • Refreshes Account isPermittedToTransfer flag on repeated calls to applyDelegatedAuthorizationAgency
  • Fixes incorrect path being use for wallet auth registration checks
  • Adds transfer.timestamp property
  • Adds transfer.params.from property
  • Fixes bug when sending from an ETH asset
  • Adds ability to pass configuration to generateEthAccount and generatePlugAccount
  • Introduces account.ASSET.fetchInboundAllowance(ownerAddress) to fetch the allowance from an owner
  • Introduces account.ASSET.fetchOutboundAllowance(agentAddress) to fetch the allowance given to an agent
  • Introduces account.ASSET.approve(approvalArgs) for approving new outbound allowances
  • Introduces account.ASSET.sendAllowance(transferArgs) to transfer funds as an agent on behalf of an owner
  • account.addAsset object argument now takes name key instead of tokenName
  • Fixes account and asset configuration issues
  • restoreWallet now correctly restores default ETH asset on Ethereum based accounts
  • Introduces account.removeAsset(assetName). accountUpdated events are fired if an asset was removed
  • Adds path validation to wallet.addAccount
  • Adds 32-Byte seed and 64-Byte secret format support for wallet.addAccount by secret key Buffer
  • Renames the package to cryptoasset-wallet
  • Adds Delegated Accounts article and udpates Getting Started page
  • Adds wallet.applyDelegatedAuthorizationAgency method and wallet.delegationContext member
  • Adds account.delegationContext member
  • Adds authorization protocol related events
  • Renames account.fetchBalance and account.fetchTransferHistory methods
  • Adds asset registration via assets.plug.register and assets.erc20.register functions
  • Adds support for Plug-based HD nodes and token transfers
  • Removes wallet.keys and adds wallet.rootNode
  • createAccount function now takes an HD node
  • Adds cennzEthereum asset, moves previous cennz asset to CENNZnet Plug implementation
  • Adds wallet.addDelegatedAuthorizations method for loading delegated accounts into the wallet
  • Adds account.delegatedAuthority property
  • Adds wallet.getAccountByAddress helper function
  • Adds gasPrice and gasLimit optional configurations to all Ethereum-based assets
  • Adds utils.createChallenge and utils.verifyAccountProof utility functions
  • Adds accounts.createProof method for creating ownership proofs
  • Adds wallet.export method for exporting wallet structure
  • Modifies createWallet function to allow for optional restoration from wallet.export calls
  • Removes explicit path parameter when creating managed accounts
  • Adds configure function to assets as described in Assets configuration
  • Adds support for global transfer Events and scoped Transfer event
  • Adds formalized Transfer class
  • Changes asset names: ethereumRopstenetherRopsten and ethereumether
  • Adds base support for Ethereum ERC20 accounts
  • Adds MooseCoin: Ropsten Ethereum ERC20 asset support
  • Adds CENNZ Ethereum ERC20 asset support
  • Renames account.hdKey member to account.keys
  • Adds transferHistoryLimit configuration option to all Ethereum based assets
  • Adds account.fetchHistoricalTransfers() method, and account.transfers collection member
  • Adds support for creation of HD wallets through the Wallet class
  • Adds support for initialization of derived wallet Accounts
  • Adds Ether mainnet and Ropsten testnet transfer support